The Best Pho in Toronto – Golden Turtle 多倫多最好吃的越式河粉

Our ‘Pho Addiction’ probably dates back to our time in Melbourne, where we fell in love with Pho Dzung. Since then, we always search out the best pho when we visit a new city. If you want us to recommend THE one and only top restaurant for pho (outside of Vietnam of course), I (Micky) would definitely say that this title belongs to Pho Dzung, in Melbourne. We also recommend Viet in London, England as a must eat spot if your into pho and in the UK!


After we moved back to Toronto, we soon started ‘hunting’ for the best pho. We did tons of research and followed up on recommendations from both friends and family, but when Mikey took Micky to Golden Turtle – it was all over. After the 1st spoon full, Micky fell in love with their broth. It’s now on our list as 2nd best spot in a major city to slam a bowl of pho.

當然吶!到了多倫多之後,怎麼可能會停止尋找好吃河粉之旅呢?經過友人和多倫多最好吃河粉的推薦,Mikey帶我到了Golden Turtle,原來一試變主顧是非常有道理的!而現在Golden Turtle可是我心目中最好吃河粉的第二名呢!

Located on the westside of Ossington, between Queen Street West and Dundas Street, this family-run Vietnamese restaurant is top-notch. Nestled in the midst of a neighbourhood that is currently in transition from hipster cool to more mainstream (a Starbucks is opening up at the end of the street) the Golden Turtle is also recommend by NOW with NNN (their highest rating).

而且Golden Turtle還是多倫多有名的NOW所評價NNN的餐廳唷(NNN是最高評價!)

There are two similarities that span across all great pho restaurants. First, they all decorate their restaurants with huge mirrors and secondly, they are all stocked with the same sauces, typically sriracha, soy and hoisin. Very authentic!


A must eat from the menu – keep it simple – rare beef pho!

每次去必點Rare beef (生牛肉河粉)

Again, our way to taste the pho:

  1. First of all, we like to have a sip of the soup to see whether we like the flavour.
  2. Then try the noodles
  3. Lastly, add basil/lime/hot sauce/fresh chili!

S & C 吃河粉的步驟是先喝湯,看湯頭好不好,在試看看河粉Q不Q,有沒有彈性,接下來就是把生豆芽菜、檸檬、醬料或是九層塔還是辣椒加下去啦。

Golden Turtle is a bit different than many pho restaurants, including Pho Dzung in Melbourne. Here you have to ask staff for the fresh chili, as they don’t offer it up on the plate of goodies that are delivered with your soup. Micky prefers using fresh chili because she is somewhat of a purist, in that these other sauces have too much other flavours that over power the original taste of the broth.

Golden Turtle跟墨爾本那家有點不同,生辣椒需要跟店員要,我之所以喜歡生辣椒是因為醬料有時會有其他的香料,加太多反而嚐不到最原始的湯頭味。

However, we both enjoy mixing sarachi with hoisin sauce to use for dipping the rare beef.


Mikey miss-ordered rare beef+meatball pho, a mistake that would eventually lead to Micky’s break up with the classic rare-beef pho. Once Micky tried the meat-balls at the Golden Turtle, she had found a new fan-favourite.

直到有次Mikey誤點了Rare beef + meatball,原本我還不太開心,想說你竟然誤點(爆氣)結果沒想到這道河粉更是驚為天人吶(大心)湯頭因為牛肉丸的關係又更香濃!從此之後我點單的演化使從Rare beef –  Rare beef+meatball – Meatball,而我們幾乎每週固定光顧這家店!有時候還會當做我們兩的小約會:)

Don’t miss out Golden Turtle if you are addicted to pho as crazy as Shallots and Chalets!

建議喜歡河粉的朋友千不萬不要錯過Golden turtle唷!

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