Finger-Lick’n Churrasco Portuguese Chicken in St. Lawrence Market

Different cultures seem to embrace different types of food in different ways. Whether it is Canadians and their bacon, the Scots for their Haggis or the British for their fish and chips, these cultures each have their iconic dishes. When you think of Portugal as a destination, what food comes to mind? For us, it has to be their chicken.

There are quite a few locations to go and get authentic Portuguese chicken in Toronto and the “Best in the City” debate is a heated one in Toronto. The east end of College Street, a few spots up on Eglington or out on the Queensway, you’ll find one or two great Churrasqueiras (Portuguese BBQ Chicken Houses) here and there throughout Toronto. But this time we want to take you Toronto’s World Famous – St. Lawrence Market!

Here’s the lowdown on Portuguese Chicken at Churrasco St. Lawrence – Slow roasted, Rotisserie-style chicken basted with piri-piri sauce and a slight lemon zesty flavour. This particular vendor is one of the smaller businesses in St. Lawrence and can be found near the North or North-western entrances.

This trip we didn’t have a ton of time on our lunch break, so we decided to dip into their sandwich instead of going for a half/full chicken. In this case, it may not actually be so finger lick’n, but it is lip smacking. The sandwich itself is not overly large, but is enough to fill you up for lunch or is also a great snack to grab on the go and take with you on a picnic. Grab a sandwich and a custard tart for under $10 all day. Served on white bun with lettuce and tomatoes, the chicken is the jewel of the sandwich. Juicy, tender chicken is lubricated with their own piri-piri sauce with a touch of mayonaise and is lip-smacking delicious. We recommend going to grab one of these saran-wrapped sandwiches and find a good spot for people watching. In St. Lawrence Market, people watching is one of the best dishes served!

Shallots and Chalets do in fact have a sweet tooth and what better way to top off a great sandwich, then with one of their authentic (and well priced at $1.35) Pastéis de Natas (Portugues Custard Tarts). These little treats are a great value item.

All in all, we’re not going to state that this is the best Portuguese Chicken in the city of Toronto, but if you’re in the downtown area, or heading into St. Lawrence Market to grab a quick bite to eat, this is definitely a spot to go and check out!

Enjoy your eats wherever you are!

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