Culinary Explorations in Quebec City

The Quebecois do food and drink proper. They do have the claim of the infamous Poutine (which has been gladly adopted by other parts of the country), but the culinary delights in Quebec City were to die for (probably also leading to a premature departure as well)!

From quaint restaurants serving savoury fois gras to fudge factories and Maple syrup lollipops, we had our hands (and mouths) full from the time we landed. Our first of many amazing restaurants was called le Lapin Sauté and is located in lower town. After a few excellent glasses of Sangria (see below), we got busy on a plate for two of a whole lotta love.

Sangria in the winter time isn’t our preferred lubrication, but in spite the cold weather outside many of the restaurants found throughout Quebec City’s Old Town have fireplaces. This made this traditionally summertime drink very appropriate, that, and the fact that it was made with local wines.

This made for a cozy experience and I’m not 100% sure if it was the fois gras and Rabbit legs or the warm temperature  of the restaurant, but I was definitely feeling heated after this meal. To be fair, it could’ve been the Sangria as well. This particular plate had Rabbit thighs, Duck sausages, fois gras, pickled onions and a variety of local cheeses (among other treats). It was de-lish!

If you have a sweet tooth, you should be zeroing on the Old Town of Quebec City.  There are some general treats that hit the spot and are nice to have on hand when exploring the most European-esque city in North America. This candy store near the lower part of Old Town not only had an amazing selection of ‘penny’ candy, but also had a really creative way to transport your goods.

Did I mention I have a sweet tooth? Well to make things worse (for me), so does Mrs Shallots (Micky)!

This candy store was a pleasant surprise to find, and we did select a few of our favs, but were quick to head back out and see what else the city had to offer. One of the most popular Canada food, besides the aforementioned poutine, has to be Maple Syrup! After a long afternoon of museums, cobblestone streets and Swedish Berries, we meandered our way back up to the boardwalk, which overlooks the mighty St. Lawrence River. If you travel to Quebec City in the winter time (December – March), you will most likely find a very bubbly gentleman, who offers up this Canadian classic in a unique way!


Maple syrup is a delight, but it can be really sweet and this is definitely a treat to have in moderation (yes, this is coming from a guy with a sweet tooth). This gentleman heats the syrup until it becomes quite runny, then pours it out on to a table of ice. Using an over-sized popsicle stick, we quickly rolled the cooling syrup on to the popsicle stick, which would eventually harden into a sugary lollipop!


To top it all off, we had the chance to peruse some great fudge factories (I do use this term lightly). The biggest issue we had with this was choosing one kind over an other. If I had to select a top three types of fudge it would have to be the following:

  1. Pralines & Cream
  2. Straight Chocolate
  3. Mint Chocolate

These of course are only my favs, but just check the pic to see the number of different flavours of fudge one can choose from. My policy with fudge is never select your go-to flavours until you’ve tried them all!

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