Garlic Oil and Possibly the Best Pizza in Boston? 波士頓最棒的pizza – Regina Pizzeria!

After we spent most of our morning touring of Fenway Park, we decided to head to Boston’s North End, more commonly known as “Little Italy”. Visitors to Boston can take one “T” (subway) ride direct from Fenway Park straight to the North End. On our way back north, we were riding the Green Line when we overheard another family of tourists speaking with a local Bostonian women. The family was asking the women for her recommendation for a pizza restaurant in Little Italy. In the midst of delivering her opinion, who chimes in but a 75 year old man in an old Red Sox shirt, sitting in the corner of the train.

我們兩一整個上午的精力都花在參觀Fenway Park,結束Fenway之旅後,兩人決定到波士頓的北區,也就是大家熟知的「小義大利」 逛逛順便覓食。搭上波士頓的大眾交通工具「T」(地鐵)可直接從Fenway站直達North End。在搭地鐵的時候,恰巧聽到也是剛參觀完Fenway的一家子和一位地鐵女乘客聊天,他們問說小義大利哪裡有好吃的pizza?Mikey最鍾愛的食物就是pizza了!聽到他們在聊哪裡有好吃的pizza,Mikey馬上湊上前一起加入話題,結果聊到一半,一位坐在角落,年約75歲的老先生開口了….

His exact words were, “If you want to have ‘knock your-socks-off’ pizza, the only place in town is Regina’s Pizzeria.”

他說:只有在Regina’s Pizzeria才會吃驚為天人的pizza!

He gave us directions and we were on our way.


To explore Boston’s Little Italy, you can get off at either Haymarket or  North Stations on the Green Subway Line. Head north from Haymarket Station. Get lost and have fun. The North End was one of Boston’s first villages and has a long history of Irish and eventually Italian communities!

想去波士頓的小義大利,你可以選擇在綠線的Haymarket 或是 North Station下車。北區曾經是波士頓的第一個村落,一開始聚集著許多愛爾蘭人,後來才變成今天的小義大利!

When we arrived, on a Friday at noon, Regina’s Pizzeria was packed. It was more like 2:00pm and the only seats we could get were at the far end of the bar. At first, we thought we were put in the closet, but with the first minute we knew we were in for a treat. The atmosphere was incredible with an interior that looked like it’s right out of a movie. We’d put good money down that the linoleum tables have been there for 40 years +. This takes nothing away from the pizza that roll out of a brick oven that (as word has it) was sent over from Nazi Germany in the lat 1930′s – or so we were told!

禮拜五的下午,Regina’s Pizza仍是一位難求!我們到的時候大約是兩點左右,剩下的位置是在bar的最尾端,一開始我們兩個都覺得這是全店最糟糕的位置,鐵定會受到冷落,但是一坐下馬上發現這其實是全店最棒又最受照顧的好位子!Regina裡的裝潢就像是活生生從電影裡蹦出來一樣,相信大家都不難想像經典美式電影裡餐廳的模樣。另外,Regina的烤爐可是歷史悠久的唷!根據餐廳的人說,是1930年時德國納粹送過來的(不知道是真是假 :| 但是我們兩個就這樣信了…)

We have to admit – we made a mistake when ordering. We soon learned that THE best way to first experience a Regina Pie, is to simple order a cheese pizza. The pride of Regina is the triumvirate of crust, original tomato sauce and cheese. It wasn’t a total lost, because our pizza was honestly still one of the best we’ve had.

但是我們兩個得承認在點餐上犯了錯。因為菜單上目不暇給的種類,讓又餓又累的我們看到自己喜歡的佐料就點下去了(肚子餓起來真的是要人命)。結果我們後來才知道原來最棒的pizza就是簡單的cheese pizza!Regina最驕傲的派皮搭上原味的番茄醬以及濃濃的起司!

We went with semi-simple Pineapple and Ham pizza with a side of awesome. That awesome came in form of oil. Doug stashes a bottle of olive oil infused with garlic cloves in the fridge behind the bar. Lube’n you pizza with this fine oil is must. How did we find out about the olive oil you may ask? Well who arrive at Regina’s about 5 minutes after we did? The old gentleman from the subway! He brought his son and sat down right at the bar beside us!

雖說簡單的cheese pizza是最棒的,但不得不說,我們點的夏威夷 – 火腿以及鳳梨口味,嚐起來也是一級棒!最棒的是Regina店內自製的辣椒油(也有其他口味),當服務我們的Doug拿出了辣椒油以及內行客人才知道的香蒜油,加到pizza上,口味大升級!不過你可能會想,你們兩個不是第一次到Regina嗎?你怎會知道內行客才會問的香蒜油?哈哈,猜猜我們遇到了誰?在我們到了Regina後的5分鐘,在地鐵上遇到的老先生和他的兒子也來吃pizza,他們還很熱情的坐在我們旁邊,跟我們聊天!

We spent nearly two hours at the bar with these father/son combo, talking about everything from the emotional life of a Bostonian sports fan to the Big Dig in Boston! Surprisingly (or perhaps not), we both slammed a large pizza before we knew it. After finishing up and settling the bill, we were invited to join our two new friends on a trip to Boston Beer Works to experience what they referred to as “Boston’s Best IPA”.

我們在Regina坐了將近2個小時,從上圖你可以看到穿著9號Williams衣服的老先生和旁邊紅衣的兒子,我們天南地北的從波士頓球迷的愛恨情仇到波士頓的歷史等等。之後這對父子大推薦我們一定要去Boston Beer Works試喝在當地釀造的IPA啤酒。

Regina Pizzeria is a landmark in Boston’s Little Italy and it is worth the journey. Reasonable prices, a ton of character and one of the world’s best pizza pie – Gotta be on your to-do list when you go to Boston.

Regina Pizzeria已經成為小義大利區的地標,pizza的價錢合理,店員都非常友善熱情,如果你到波士頓,Regina Pizzeria是一定要去拜訪的!

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