Kyotofu – Finding Sweets in the City That Never Sleeps Kyotofu,不夜城的最佳甜點宵夜處

Finding unique eateries in New York City is not a huge problem, however choosing one can be an intimidating task. We hope this post can help alleviate some of those concerns. The name of this great little dining spot is Kyotofu and is located at 705 ninth avenue (between 48th and 49th Streets) in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. We were meeting up with a few of Micky’s friends who live in Harlem and Brooklyn and this place was chosen upon their recommendation. And now we’re confident in doing the same for you.

在紐約這顆大蘋果,要找到各式各樣獨特的美食並不困難,但真正難的是如何不要踩到地雷店!到紐約的第一晚我們很興奮的要和米奇在紐約的好友九萬見面,九萬選了Kyotofu這家特別的日式甜點店(也有正餐),讓我和Mikey可以散步到Kyotofu,也好消化消化在Bar Americain的大餐。

The Skinny?

Kyotofu is a whimsical Japanese dessert bar in Hell’s Kitchen that’s been filling its modern Japanese desserts with artisanal tofu since 2006.  What does tofu have to do with dessert, you ask? Good question. Inspired by Kyoto tofu artisans, Kyotofu takes the soybean to the next level.

Located a stones throw (in NYC-terms) from the world renowned Times Square, this ‘whimsical’ eating hole has a fantastic selection of late night sweets and delicious sake to fix any desire.

Kyotofu位於Hell’s Kitchen區的第九大道705號 (於48th and 49th街之間),店名一聽就知道這是家日式料理店。但可別以為這只是一般的日式料理,這家店可是把日式甜點和豆腐發揮到極致,從2006年開店以來就一直很受歡迎。但是,豆腐?除了我們知道的豆花之外,還可以當甜點?受到京都的豆腐料理的啟發,Kyotofu讓這些小黃豆們有了不同又新鮮的吃法!

Matcha Latte, the best drink to go with late night snacks!


First off we had the Cream Puff Trio: a) Strawberry-Yuzu b) Chocolate c) Matcha Green Tea

These we absolutely fantastic. Flakey and light with just the right balance between the three of fresh, sweet and rich. Definitely recommended with a tea or coffee if you’re a late night bean fiend. Probably could do with sharing these between three people. Great afternoon snack where you could order a beverage (Green Tea Latte Anyone?) and share this dish with two friends and walk-away spending less than $10 each. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon in NYC.

首先來介紹 ‘泡芙三重奏’ (米奇自己取的怪名XD)


Next up was a really interesting spin on a French Classic – Green Tea Crème Brûlée with orange shiro an, vanilla bean ice cream and a chocolate tuile to top it off! 


This actually really hit the spot. If you’ve been out on the town eating (which we had), this dessert does a fabulous job of freshening the palette. Often times, crème brûlée can be rich and overly filling for what is often served in relatively small portions. Infusing green tea into this dish kept it light and refreshing. Definitely hit the spot. It’s a great gluten-free treat too.

和一般的焦糖布丁不同,如果想來點清爽的甜點,這絕對是第一個選擇!一般的焦糖布丁通常會太過濃郁,但是搭上綠茶減低甜食感,非常適合不喜歡過甜、喜歡輕食的人享用,而且不添加任何麵粉,適合對麵粉過敏的人(北美很流行gluten-free food也就是無麵粉添加的食物)。

Finally, we finished off the evening we decided to go…umm…light again. We couldn’t resist (although you always pay for things like this…) getting into what is referred to as Fall Anmitsu, which includes pomegranate and green apple agar, yude azuki shiratama and kiwi sorbet. A bowl of de-lishious ice for the layman. Again this is a nice dish if you’re coming off a decent dinner. Great to share and does go well with the creme puffs.


Kyotofu does have a decent selection of Shochu, but it was the Sake that warmed, Mikey and his counterpart’s bellies that eve. They  shared two bottles of “Demon Slayer” or Wakatake Sake, leaving for a foggy walk back to our hotel.


Where do you like to go for a late night dessert run in New York City? Let us know so we can give them a test drive when we’re in the Big Apple next! Thanks!


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