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首先要介紹一下A Taste For Life這個活動,此活動是為了Fife House這個非營利慈善機構募款,而Fife House則是照顧以及幫助無家可歸還有愛滋病帶原者,4/25這天所有合作的餐廳都會捐出當天25%的營收給Fife House, 今年活動邁入第14個年頭!而且不只是只有在Toronto才有唷,Ottawa、London、Sudbury以及Calgary等等,值得一提的是幾乎在Ontario的城鎮們都有餐廳參與此活動。

First of all, Shallots and Chalets would like to introduce ‘A Taste For Life’, this event was organised by a not-for-profit organization known as Fife House. Fife House aims to provide secure and affordable supportive housing and support services for persons living with HIV/AIDS. April 25th, 2012 was an annual date for “A Taste For Life“. There are a number of participating restaurants that on this event, donate 25% of each bill to the Fife House. This year, 2012, was the 14th anniversary of ‘A Taste For Life’, it was not only held in Toronto but also in Ottawa, Calgary, London, Sudbury, a number of small towns towns throughout Ontario and Alberta.

(Photo Courtesy: Le Canard Mort)


S & C wanted to participate in this meaningful event for a great opportunity to support an very good cause, but we also had something very special to celebrate. This day was the one year anniversary to the return to Canada! (As well as the excuse to eat out…LOL)


Shallots had made a reservation for 6:45pm, but Mr. Chalets was too hungry and he had to change our reservation to 5:45pm. Luckily, most of the reservations were after 7pm and Le Canard Mort told us we could have the best seats if we arrived before 6pm.

結果我們還真的是第一個到餐廳用餐的客人!而我們也選了窗邊的位置 :)

We ended up to be the first guests in the house! And we choose window seats! :)


I (Shallots) like the decor in the restaurant, it was simple but elegant!


They have one of the best cocktail list in the city! The manager was very proud of the fact they have almost 150 kinds of cocktails!

最後Chalets選了他非常著迷的craft beer,而我還是選了最愛的sauvignon blanc。

Despite the amazing cocktail list, Chalets recent addiction with any craft beer, forced him to try a nice Beau’s Lager, while I stuck with my favorite wine –  Sauvignon Blanc.

這是Chalets的前菜Grilled Calamari – oven dried tomato, Moroccan olives and Caper antiboise。

Above is Chalet’s yummy appetizer -  Grilled Calamari – oven dried tomato, Moroccan olives and Caper antiboise.

菜單方面因為他們合併了另一家姊妹餐廳Le Rossignol,所以有兩份菜單可以選,C選了Le Rossignol的三道式set menu,而我的則是選了Le Canard Mort的當前菜,主菜則是Le Rossignol。我們各點了前菜以及主菜,最後一起分享甜點。

During this promotion, guests have two choices of appetizers. Mr. Chalets choose Le Rossignol three course meal and I had Le Canard Mort’s appetizer and Le Rossignol’s entree.

這是我的Seared Crab Cakes – lemon aioli, crab and corn hash with avocado puree。

As much as I like Mr. Chalets’ app, my Seared Crab Cakes – lemon aioli, crab and corn hash with avocado puree, was absolutely amazing. I have to take a minute here and say that, what he orders – I taste. I am almost 110% sure that this happens with all women, no?

C的主菜Steak Frites – spice rubbed flank steak with house cut frites and garlic aoli。

And thus, yes, I have did try Chalets’ entree - Steak Frites – spice rubbed flank steak with house cut frites and garlic aoli.

我的主菜 Veal Medallions – Porabello and Shallot Duxellem Dauphinoise potato with turned asparagus。

My entree - Veal Medallions – Porabello and Shallot Duxellem Dauphinoise potato with turned asparagus.

其實在點菜前,我就急著問甜點是什麼?被店經理笑說真是太直接啦!馬上就問到甜點去了XD 矮由,來吃法式料理其實我最關心的就是甜點有沒有我最愛的creme brulee呀!

Here is a fun fact: Mrs. Shallots is a huge fan of creme brulee, I would consider even dying for it! In fact, creme brulee tops the list, but dessert in general is pretty much – THE THING – for Mrs. Shallots. Before we even ordered the meal, Mrs. Shallots already was asking for the dessert menu. While the manager laughed and Mr. Chalets rolled his eyes, we listened to the menu – That statement of “You had me at Creme Brulee” seems to stick in Mrs. Shallots mind here. We even hadn’t ordered the appetizer yet! Ahahahaha, all Mrs. Shallots really cares is creme brulee! She could have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


We always feel it is nice to get to know the staff and it fit the bill as Chef Mike came out and said hello to every guest. He was also seeking a bit feedback from us.


Happy 1st anniversary in Canada!:D

Le Canard Mort
896 Queen Street East, Toronto, M4M 1J2

可在餐廳網站訂位,我喜歡這項貼心的功能!Reservation (點我)
You can make the reservation from their website, it’s such a great function! Click me: Reservation

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