Melbourne – Pho Dzung 勇記越南河粉

Pho Dzung is, hands-down, the most famous and delish Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne!  There’s a Hong Kong writer who has said: The best pho in the world is Pho Dzung! S & C both agree that this is the best pho place we ever had. If one day we can travel back to Melbourne, Pho Dzung is a must re-visit place for us.

勇記越南河粉是墨爾本最有名的越南餐廳,曾經有位美食評論家說 全世界最好吃的河粉就在墨爾本!如果有天離開了這裡,勇記一定會是我懷念這兒的原因之一。

(Chicken pho)

Pho Dung has two locations in Melbourne

  • 208 Victoria Street, Richmond VIC 3121

If you are on Collins Street, jump on the tram (we call it a streetcar in Toronto) no. 109 towards Box Hill and get off at the stop no. 20. North Richmond has a community that is called Little Vietnam and has great places get groceries, but nothing really compares to this Pho. You can buy the freshest and cheapest fresh products here. If you take the same tram you eventually reach the only Ikea in Melbourne (stop no. 24) and the last stop Box Hill has a big Taiwanese community.

在Collins Street搭上109 Box Hill的電車在20站下車,North Richmond是墨爾本的越南區,在那邊很多東西都很便宜,同一台電車搭到24站則是墨爾本唯一的Ikea (全澳洲也只有三家Ikea而已…),搭到最後一站則可以到Box Hill也就是很多台灣人聚集的地方。

  • 234 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

This location is on the south-east side of Russell Street and Lonsdale Street (very close to QV). It’s a perfect location if you live in the city and don’t want to spend money on tram.

這家則在City裡 Russell Street and Lonsdale Street的交叉口,如果住在市區不想花錢搭電車,這間的地點很方便,就是在QV旁邊。

Being such a long time ‘professional pho eater’, Micky loves that they give you a plate of basil, lemon and fresh chili. This is done in many places in Toronto, however, it doesn’t seem like a trend in any Vietnamese restaurants in Taiwan…


(Sorry for the blurry shot, Micky was so busy with her pho!)

S & C have our way to taste the pho:

  1. First of all, we like to have a sip of the soup to see whether we like the flavour.
  2. Then try the noodles
  3. Lastly, add hot sauce/fresh chili!

S & C 吃河粉的步驟是先喝湯,看湯頭好不好,在試看看河粉Q不Q,有沒有彈性,接下來就是把生辣椒加下去啦。

According to some of S & C’s friends, everyone agreed the location in North Richmond is the best. However, for us, we like the one in downtown spot simply for the location, when we lived in Melbourne, we could walk to the restaurant in 15-20 minutes from our apartment.

回歸正題,根據許多友人的說法,大家一致認為North Richmond那家最好吃,不過對我而言,其實是差不多的… ,只是city這家比較方便,但其實North Richmond(也就是墨爾本的越南區)的才是本店唷。

(You can tell how satisfied Michael was having to delay eating to have this picture taken!)

S & C highly recommend Pho Dzung as a must-eat restaurant in Melbourne! :)


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