No one can resist Webers Hamburgers!

Located on the northbound side of Highway 11, just north of Orillia, is a kitchen that serves up thousands of hamburgers a day during the Summer months. It originally opened its doors on July 11th, 1963, making 2013 it’s 50th Anniversary! Although it is located on the northbound side of the highway, those heading southbound no longer have to worry! In 1983, the Weber’s restaurant purchased a portion of the CN Tower’s original pedestrian walkway and created the first, and only, privately owned bridge over an Ontario highway. But that’s not the main attraction.

If you’re driving north along Highway 11 on a weekday, you probably won’t face too much of a line-up. This is a bit of a different story if you roll your way to this gem in the thick of eastern Muskoka on either a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can usually see the  smoke from the kitchens from 400 metres out and the line ups from 350 metres.

Despite the popularity and these long lines, they do a fabulous job of working people through. They have a good system in place for paying and have the grill going double time – all the time. This is how the ordering works: a) first they have a line attendee who takes your order and runs back to the till to ring in your order. b) they come back with change for a few different denominations c) you eagerly anticipate your burger!

After taking a minute to speak with one of the line attendants, Mikey found out that they haven’t changed their menu in almost 50 years. No onion rings. No mayonnaise. No Bacon. Simple burgers, great milk shakes and fresh thin-cut fries.

Weber’s may not have the more flashy toppings like deep-fried jalapenos or applewood smoked bacon, but that’s not what they’re trying to do. We have heard that there is too much hype about the Weber burger, but it’s simply a solid burger with a great experience.

If you want to check out Webers for yourself, and we think you should, check out the locale on the map below. If you want to find out more about this Cottage Country landmark, head to their website by clicking – HERE


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  • joe marth says:

    I have been a fan of Weber’s since my childhood. My Dad used to take us boating in Orillia area as a kid…I was familiar with the area…..the old trains to eat in….the walkway across the highway….the quick lineup and ordering….the blasting music from the university and college students who staff the place and the happiness they seem to be enjoying….all of it makes for one of the best burger ‘experiences’ I have EVER had. Buying their ‘homemade burgers’ frozen in your grocery store is NOT the same. Try them as soon as you can….not a HUGE burger, but supremely tasty….