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We had a few delays getting to Boston from the city airport in Toronto, but we quickly threw out bags into our hotel room and were off to explore Tremont Street. This street begins around ”Government Center” near the city centre and acts as the eastern boundary of the famous ‘Boston Common’.

要出發到Boston的當天真的是好興奮,甚至前一晚都有點睡不著,沒想到登機後遲遲不起飛,而機長廣播說美國那邊有狀況(剛開始說那邊機場太忙結果又說是天氣不佳,但我們到了Boston之後天氣超好 囧),需要等約兩個小時,於是就把所有乘客都請下機了(我們的心裡真的是囧到最高點…)。

好不容易到了Boston之後又遇到海關大塞車,結果原定應該是5點多就到Boston結果真正出海關都已經8點多了。兩人一到下塌飯店 – The Lenox Hotel馬上安置行李,準備出門去覓食!

We came across this restaurant on our web-journeys prior to leaving on our trip. After reviewing their website, we knew this was going to be on our list of restaurants we wanted to check out! We were not disappointed. The Butcher Shop offers a mix of style and ruggedness that, well, screams Shallots and Chalets.

感謝當初Mikey的好主意,決定在出發前要先搜尋其他blogger的文章,我們才得以發現The Butcher Shop這個好地方。在拜訪The Butcher Shop之後,果然沒有讓我們失望!雖然說大家來這邊都是期待可以吃龍蝦海鮮大餐,但是Butcher Shop反倒成為我們在Boston最意料不到,也是喜愛的一餐。

Having spent nearly 8 hours to get to Boston (from the time we left our house in Toronto), getting the chance for both of us to sit, relax and order some drinks and eats was well-deserved! What better way to celebrate our first time in Boston than getting some ‘Bubbly’ and beer! Micky had a Prosecco called Bisol!

從出家門道抵達飯店,整整花了我們將近8小時!(班機延誤和海關大排長龍….),終於有機會可以坐著好好享受美食,而不用緊張到底班機何時起飛,哪時候才輪到我們過海關。想當然,第一杯飲料當然要來點充滿氣泡的夢幻香檳,來慶祝抵達Boston!而對於Mikey來說,他最喜歡的就是craft beer啦!

Michael couldn’t resist and had The Punkin Ale from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery!


We got right into our meal, but having snacked en route, we decided to share one appetizer and one entrée – and dessert of course!


Our appetizer we selected was Lemon Gnocchi with Confit Lamb and Spring Peas, garnished with fresh parsley. This could possibly have been the highlight of the whole trip. TO.DIE.FOR. These gnocchi melted in your mouth and was drenched in a buttery sauce that is probably illegal in several states.

我們點了Lemon Gnocchi with Confit Lamb and Spring Peas, garnished with fresh parsley當做前菜,看名字好像落落長,其實簡單來說就是義式檸檬糰子(像是麵疙瘩)佐油封羊肉以及春豆配上新鮮的洋香菜。這道菜可能是全旅程最令人驚豔的料理了!!!!!一口吃下,糰子馬上融化在嘴裡加上濃郁的奶油香在嘴裡散開。嗯嗯嗯嗯~就連我們到現在還意猶未盡!

Our entrée was Braised Pork Belly, rested on grilled corn (off the cob), fava beans and cannellini beans. This was a perfect choice. The portion was neither overly large, nor skimping on the hog.


What is a Shallots and Chalets’ post without Crème brûlée? Oh you bet. Micky has an addiction. If it is on the menu, she can’t leave a restaurant without trying it. This particular Crème brûlée was made with Tahitian Vanilla topped with fresh strawberries! It was a bit of burnt on the top, which does tend to over power the flavour, but all in all, it was a nice sweet treat.


When it comes to selecting a restaurant, S&C feel half the experience is food and half is the environment. A tasty meal can be completely ruined by a messy or poorly designed dining space. The Butcher Shop got it right. As we stated before, they’ve found a great balance between style and ruggedness. In fact, they display their raw meat in a prominent freezer at the back of the restaurant.

當我們在選擇餐廳的時候,覺得食物和餐廳的氣氛一樣的重要。就算是食物在怎麼好吃,但是氣氛和環境很糟糕,也是毀了整個用餐的經驗。The Butcher Shop在兩者之前平衡的剛剛好,他們兼具了設計卻不失些許粗礦的氣氛。有趣的是,他們還在客人可見的地方擺了一個大冰櫃,裡面可是放了所有生肉品!

If we’re recommending restaurants in Boston (which we of course are), The Butcher Shop is on that list. Great music, great service and excellent food. We had heard that The Butcher Shop was known for attracting a lot of servers, chefs and bartenders from throughout Boston and we knew we were in the right spot, when we overheard fellow patrons of the restaurant talking about the quality of the wine selection and the richness of their meals.

當然啦,我們大力的推薦這間餐廳!所有服務都很到位,滿分!同時我們也發現到The Butcher Shop用餐的人來頭可不小唷,很多都是知名餐廳的主廚、酒保和侍者,大家都來這邊觀摩學習!剛好我們當天用餐的隔壁桌就是其他餐廳的主廚,無意間我們聽到他們說這裡的酒單和菜單都非常特別!由此得知,連專業的人都來了,我們這饕客怎麼可以放過The Butcher Shop咧!

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