Kensington Market有很多中南美洲餐廳和美食,更有許多有特色的咖啡館。市場旁邊就是 Chinatown,週末的Kensington咖啡館是多倫多人最愛,大家喜歡約三五好友一起到這裡的咖啡館聊天曬太陽。

Kensington Market has a few great Central and South American restaurants, and is very famous for independent coffee shops, vintage clothing and some amazing organic grocers. If you are backpacking through Toronto and want to fill up on some healthy snacks (and possibly some others!) than march down to Kensington Market and pick up some fresh local fruit and veggies. Chinatown, on Spadina Avenue, runs parallel to Kensington Market to the east. The epicentre of Kensington Market is Augusta Avenue and Nassau Street. We prefer starting at the southern end of the market which is Kensington Avenue and Dundas Street West. March north from there and enjoy the sights, smells and great eats! The coffee shops in Kensington Market are some Torontonians’  favorite places to hang out with friends and enjoy the summer!


Poncho’s is hands down one of the most popular Mexican bakeries in Toronto – Be prepared though, it always has a line up!


The day we went must of been having a special promotion! Someone just dressed up like a pantomime actor and was drawing people into the bakery! Mrs. Shallots had to get her picture taken with this fine gentleman!

經過一番調查之後,原來大家等的就是這讓人瘋狂的Churros !

Our first trip into Kensington left us a bit confused as to why their was a huge line up outside Pancho’s. After a bit of an ‘investigation’, we figure out that everyone was waiting for the CHURROS!

Churros是西班牙語,不難猜出是源自於哪吧!:) Churros原本是西班牙人所創造的甜點,而在西班牙統治墨西哥的同時,也把這甜點傳到了墨西哥!更因為地緣的關係,由墨西哥再將Churros傳到美國!

It’s not difficult to guess where is Churros from!  It was created by the Spanish as dessert. The Spanish passed the concept of Churros to Mexico when they colonized the country.

1個Churros$1.5, 4個則是 $5。口味有:原味、巧克力、草莓和焦糖,店員會先問你要什麼口味。接著把剛炸好的Churros沾上糖粉,最後在Churros裡淋上醬汁。

At Pancho’s churros costs $1.50 or 4 for $5. Pretty great price for a tasty snack. You can choose from original, chocolate, strawberry and caramel. Staff will ask what flavor you’d like to have then put a little sugar coating on your churro. Once you’ve chosen they drizzle the syrup right into churros!


Hmm… What a perfect combination of crispy churos and cinnamon with rich chocolate!

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