Say that 10 Times Fast – Top Ten Travel Top Ten’s of 2012!

With “year-in-review” posts bound to be coming at you from every angle over the next couple of weeks, we know you’ll probably be sick of them by the New Years. We also know that Top 10 lists are a somewhat polarizing topic. Most people either love them or hate them. We decided to take our own little twist on this and throw a little fuel on the fire, by hitting you up with a post that merges both of these things. It’s our inaugural – “Top Ten Travel Blogs’ Top Ten Lists 2012″.

What better way to start this off than looking one of our favourite websites -

1) Springwise’s - Top Ten ideas from Tourism and Travel over the Past 12 Months.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of, here’s the gist - The crew scours the Interweb for “the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts that are ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation.” We receive their newsletter weekly (you can choose between daily and weekly) and absolutely love the weekly injection of creativity from some really passionate entrepreneurs. This particular list is a goodie if you got a little travel entrepreneurial blood in ya!


2) The PlanetD’s Top Ten “Watersports around the World”

We love the inspiration that comes from Deb and Dave’s blog and this one kind of hit home for us. In this post, they highlight their favourite watersports they’ve been on. Being Canadian’s themselves, Deb and Dave do pay homage with their ‘Canoeing in Canada’ inclusion. We spend many weekends in eastern Muskoka, near Algonquin Park and it holds a piece of our heart. They’ve done a great job of covering the waterworld in this post and it’s a worthy read!


3) Alicia Taggio’s Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2012

Alicia is a Social Media Specialist for Flight Centre Canada and as part of her job, gets to travel to some amazing places. She covers everything from the deserts of Egypt to her hometown (and currently ours!) Toronto. 2012 was a huge year for imagery with the emergence of sites like Pinterest and Instagram taking the lead in visual-based content. Alicia did an amazing job with some of her photos from around the world, near and far. If you’re keen to keep up with trends in social media in travel, head on over to Alicia’s blog – – and check out some of her posts.


4) LifeHacker’s Top Ten Ways to Travel Smarter, Safer and Cheaper

Another one of S&C’s go-to sites on a day-to-day basis, LifeHacker covers tips, tricks and ‘hacks’ for those trying to find a more efficient and effective way to get through this wild and crazy place we call Earth. If there is a better site out there doing this, please let us know. This posts is full of ideas on how to improve your overall travel experience (and your wallet). The thing about these types of posts is that you likely already know most of the tips, but sometimes it’s just good to get someone else to remind you. Like, refilling your travel-sized toiletries or how to secure your home while your away. You know it’s a good idea, but how do you best do it.


5) National Geographic’s – Top Ten Food Markets of 2012

If you’re anything like us, and you may very well be, food can be one of the determining factors when choosing a destination or trip. Food really plays into so many elements of the local culture and the economy, and we personally think that there really is no better way to get quickly acclimatized to a destination that chomping on the local goods. We’re based in Toronto for the time being and if you take a closer look you may just find out why we love the City so much. They do cover nearly the entire globe here which is nice. What’s your favourite food?


6) USA Today’s Top Ten Beer Cities of 2012

Need we say more? We will anyways. USA Today isn’t necessarily the first publication you think of when you trying to source travel content, but over the past year or two, they’ve really picked up their game and now put together some great information on destinations and travel experiences. Here is their list of the Top Ten Beer Cities of 2012. Typical spots like Brussels and Dublin made the cut, but they’ve also include newbies like Montreal and Denver! Did your city make the list?


7) The Ecologists’ Top Ten Green Travel Blogs 

We really try our best to live with less impact and a more sustainable (we know this word gets thrown around) approach to our lives. Some times when travelling your tend to go with the more convenient versus the more environmentally friendly, but all you need to do is take a step back and look at the choices you make and the results that will follow. The Ecologists takes a great approach and share’s their top ten travel blogs that take aim to share tips on how to travel more sustainably. What do you do when travelling to reduce your ecological footprint?


8) Travel Junkie Indonesia’s Top Ten Sustainable Travel Tips

Notice a theme here? We’re both involved in the tourism industry in one way or another and sometimes the day-to-day can get the best of us. We’re employed in one of the largest industries in the world that touches nearly every element of the world economy. This year will see the 1 Billionth tourist travel overseas….let that sink in. Our travels let us see some incredible places and connect with some amazing people, but we shared this post because it’s important to do your part on your trip. Take notes and apply the ones you can. Thanks.


9) Ask Men’s Top Ten Unique Canadian Experiences 

Image source

We’re half Canadian….what can we say? We liked this post because there’s a few we’ve been to and few that are now added to our list. So often we’re looking outwards for unique and compelling travel experiences around the globe and forget what’s on our front-door. 2013 will be a year where we really try and get out and explore this amazing country. Honestly, we had never heard of the Smoking Hills in the Yukon…had you? Ask Men (like USA Today) is really picking up their travel game and this is one that hit home.

10) Uncornered Market’s Ten Fabulous Food Under $2

Not necessarily a “Top Ten” so to speak, but as we said earlier in this post – We’re into the Eats. Daniel and Audrey from Uncornered Market put together some really engaging travel content and have evolved to be one of the better travel bloggers on the Interweb (in our personal opinion). Their body of work really covers the whole spectrum of travel. As The Notorious B.I.G. once said – “If you don’t know, now you know….”. Why did we like this post? The variety. There is definitely a few of our favourites on this list too, including Pho in Vietnam.

We’re sure you come across your fair share of blogs that you’d love to share with friends. Share this one too, if you like what you read.


  • Audrey says:

    Really appreciate our cheap eats post being included in this round up. It was a lot of fun to create! And, thanks for the kind words about our blog and its content! Here’s to an adventure filled 2013!

    • Shallots and Chalets says:

      Hi Audrey! Thanks for coming over and saying hi! We love following along with the adventures you guys find yourselves on! Have a great remainder of 2012 and, yup, here’s to an adventure filled 2013! M&M