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Before we moved to east side of Toronto, we rarely visited this side of town. Having now lived here for nearly a year and a half, we’re starting to feel more comfy. We’ve started to explore areas such as Danforth, The Beaches, Leslieville/Riverdale and an area formerly know as the ‘Upper Beaches’ (the Gerrard and Woodbine Neighbourhood Association recently changed the name of the area to Beach Hill). S&C are located in the Beach Hill area and we were happy to start our adventure on the east side so close The Bandit Coffee Group.

在S&C搬家之前,我們很少往多倫多東邊的區域探索移動,直到搬家後因為地緣關係,我們比較了解像是DanforthThe BeachesLeslieville以及Upper Beaches有哪些好吃好玩的地方,我們就以位於Upper Beaches(最近改名為Beach Hill)的Bandit Cafe做為這區塊的起頭吧。

This coffeeshop is located on south side of Gerrard Street East, just west of Woodbine Avenue and it opened in 2011. The west and east sides of Toronto have completely different atmospheres with the west side being a bit more fast-paced than the east-end.

The Bandit是去年才在Woodbine以及Gerrard交叉口新開的獨立咖啡店,這地區也是多倫多人熟知的Upper Beaches Area(Beach Hill),東西邊的多倫多氣息不同,西邊是發展完全的商業區域,而東邊則是比較傾向發展較緩慢的商業區以及住宅。

The first time we went over to the the east-end, it felt like a whole new city. Toronto has two downtown Chinatown, one of which is on the east side (Broadview and Gerrard), while Toronto’s Little India sits further east along Gerrard Street. The east side of Toronto also boasts the famous event – The “Taste of the Danforth” festival in what is known as ‘Greek Town’ on The Danforth.

當我們第一次到東區的時候感覺到了個新世界,位於Gerrard上有小中國城以及小印度之稱的區域,著名的Taste of Danforth在Danforth上則是熱鬧的希臘區,繼續更往東邊走到了Coxwell以及Woodbine上的Gerrard則變成了環境清幽的住宅區。

We actually first discovered The Bandit by randomly driving by. Mikey and I are definitely interested in exploring the indie coffee shops that liter Toronto’s landscape. The introduction of a nice indie coffee shop is kind of a sign that the area is starting to turnover!

第一次拜訪 The Bandit是剛好開車經過,看到這間咖啡店,於是進去瞧瞧。通常如果有獨立咖啡店進駐某個區域,八九不離十的就是此區要開始變Trendy的徵兆之一。我們對於這個新的區域感到好奇,所以也想看看到底這間獨立咖啡店的品質和服務如何。

The wooden floors that run the length of the store always are our favourite part, it makes the space look cozy and comfortable. The expose brick wall gives the shop a nice industrial and old school atmosphere.


The Bandit is an open concept space with its biggest fault in our opinion, not enough seats. There is a nice long table opposite the counter with a comfortable sofa located in the back.

The Bandit較屬於是開放式的空間,座位其實不多,而吧台的對面擺了張木製的大長桌,繼續往內走可看到兩張舒服的沙發!

Its easy to admire this simple and cozy space. The staffs are friendly and the Bandit Coffee Group has really taken the community by storm, and we often witness see staff and customers are chatting just like old friends.


The decoration on the table with coffee beans and the Bandit’s button.

放在長桌上咖啡豆加上Bandit logo小別針的擺飾品。

Thirsty? Help yourself to the free lemon water!


Mike enjoys their espresso on a cool morning, not too bitter and taste a bit sweet. Even Micky doesn’t add extra sugar to her lattee! They serve up a pretty decent selection of snacks and now are offering a few different types of sammies to boot.

The Bandit家的咖啡好喝又不苦,米奇是個很嗜甜的人,有時候Latte都還要加糖,但是他們的咖啡有天然的甜味!!旁邊的葡萄乾餅乾以及奶油塔也好好吃喔(融化)

Aren’t these blown pieces of glass super cute? They also use an iPad to do the orders and invoice.


The area you add to your beverage is slick – simple and rugged.


They’ve got a decent selection of tea that behind the counter.


If you like The Bandit’s coffee, they use beans from Te Aro. Why not take one home with you?

喜歡Bandit的咖啡嗎?他們是從Te Aro來的唷,離開前帶一包回家吧!

Website:The Bandit Coffee Group Inc. 

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