Torontonian’s new favorite – Kinton Ramen 多倫多的新寵兒 – Kinton Ramen

Our good friend Jenny always has the first-hand information of new and best restaurants in Toronto. This time we got the information from her that Guu was opening a new ramen store in Toronto. We should note that Guu is a very authentic Japanese restaurant, with its original roots based in Vancouver.


We all know that if you don’t want to wait in line to eat at the most popular restaurant, the best time to visit is the first thing when it opens or right before it close for the day. The first time we planned to visit Kinton Ramen was after ROM’s Friday Night Live event. It was after 9pm when we arrived Kinton, and we thought this was going to be the best time as  probably no one would be waiting. Wow we were WRONG! The waiter told us we have to wait for 1.5 hours and by the time it was to be our turn – Kinton was going to close….We ended up stopping by Kenzo Ramen (another fabulous Japanese restaurant in Toronto).

想當然爾,人氣這麼高的餐廳,要嘛一開店就去排隊或是快關門的時候在去吃,第一次我們拜訪Kinton是在參加完ROM Friday night的活動,當我們離開ROM抵達拉麵店的時候,已經是晚上9點多,我們以為過了用餐時間可以不用排隊,結果沒想到店員告知我們需要等候1.5小時….(驚)那時候Kinton還沒有延長週末的營業時間,10點就關門了,那要我們等1.5小時不就是等到關門都還沒有拉麵吃嗎? 這次我們只好敗興而歸,最後跑去吃Kenzo Ramen一解拉麵饞。

A few weeks later, my friend and I (Micky) decided to visit Kinton at 11:45am, 15 mins after it opens its doors and before the lunch rush. I arrived there well before the time we supposed to meet up (before the restaurant actually opened). There were already 2 people waited outside! While I was waiting for my friends, another 6 customers went in.

後來和朋友約吃拉麵的時候,學聰明了,我們約了11:45am,午餐前尖峰時刻前吃拉麵!Kinton每日11:30am開始營業,心急的我連店都還沒開就到了XD 結果店都還沒開,就已經有人在外面等,開門後到朋友來之間不到短短的10分鐘,就已經進去了6組客人

Kinton is set up with a bar-style layout. Typical to traditional Japanese restaurant, all of the staff scream in Japanese when customers come in. They have a few group tables that are allocated only  to those groups of 6 or more. We were seated in front of the kitchen and be warned – it’s HOT! Kinton’s chairs are very special, you can place your bags underneath your seats and don’t need to leave bags on your laps or floor.

一進到店裡面迎面而來的就是一長排的bar style的高腳椅和店員們高聲歡呼歡迎著客人,如果是6人以上則可以坐在店前後的團體區域。這次我們被安排坐在廚房正前方,可以看到內場人員非常忙碌的在準備料理,但是坐在廚房正前方真的好熱啊!Kinton椅子有很貼心的設計:椅子下可以放包包!這樣就不用把包包放在腿上或地上了(拇指)。

We ordered three appetizers to share: Gyoza (Japanese pork dumplings), Hot Karaage ( spicy fried chicken) and Tofufurai (tofu nugget).


 Fried Chicken and gyoza. 日式炸雞以及餃子

 Fried tofu (middle) 中間那道則是炸豆腐

It was a hot day and having been seated in front of the kitchen,  we had to order their fresh lemonade! You can see how busy the kitchen was in the background.

因為當天很熱,又坐在廚房前,所以點了Fresh lemonade消暑,圖片後方可看到忙碌的廚房。

When making your ramen, you can choose from having a miso, shoyu or shio ramen broth, while the broth can be rich, regular or light. Then you can pick your main ingredient, which include pork shoulder, pork belly or a vegetarian option. Traditionally served with pork, we all got pork shoulder as per Jenny’s recommendation.


Above is a miso ramen, regular soup and pork shoulder.


Above is a spicy garlic ramen with regular soup and pork shoulder. Yes, that’s a full scoop of garlic!


If you finish your ramen, they will take a photo of you then post on their Facebook ‘Kinton Bowler”s album. Finally, we’re happy to announce that they have extend thier weekend hours until 12am!

如果你把整碗的拉麵吃完了,他們還會幫你照相,接著po在他們Facebook的「Kinton Bowler」裡面  !而且他們延長了週末的營業時間,每週五和六都開到半夜12點唷,想吃宵夜又有個新去處囉!

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