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We all know that being a tourist is a tiring gig. Walking around, taking pictures and being a typical Johnny-Go-Tourist can really take a lot out of you. After spending a few hours walking from Boston’s Back Bay to the Quincy Market, our ‘dogs were barking’, our throats were parched and we were looking for a place to kick back and watch the world go by.

這次的波士頓之旅,我們兩個決定收起念觀光這背景,當起了專業的觀光客,大家都知道當專業的觀光客也不是件簡單的事情,幾乎每個地方都要逛,每個小景點都要拍照,說真的,要當專業的觀光客還真不容易呢,需要很多的精力否則一下就累的(真是奧少年啊!XD)當天我們參加Freedom Trail的walking tour,一路從Back Bay走到Quincy Market,行程結束之後,我們兩個異口同聲的問對方:可以找地方吃東西休息嗎?(果真是奧少年來著)

We had previously asked some locals for a recommendation for a seafood restaurant and were told that McCormick and Schmicks was one of the best in the city. We had already made reservations for later in the night, but we thought the location was perfect for a bit of mid-afternoon people watching – which it is for sure! Located on the fringe of the Boston Market District, McCormick and Schmicks’ patio is premium and over looks Quincy and the historic Faneuil Market. We dropped in and asked for a spot on the patio and quickly ordered a couple of beverages – Micky had a glass of strawberry lemonade, while Mikey went with a well-deserved Menemsha Creek Pale Ale.

之前在Regina Pizzaria的時候,我們就有問那位75歲的老先生有沒有推薦的海鮮餐廳,他告訴我們McCormick and Schmicks是最棒的海鮮餐廳之一。我們兩一回飯店之後,就請管家幫我們訂位。但因為walking tour就結束在這附近,加上餐廳地點很適合觀察人群,當時天氣很好,餐廳的戶外座位們好似在呼喚我們一樣,所以我們兩個決定要先吃點便餐,晚上再回來之正式的海鮮大餐。

走好了幾個小時,終於有時間坐下來休息,米奇決定點杯消暑的strawberry lemonade,Mikey則一如往常,點了他最喜歡的啤酒。

We pretty much made it policy while in Boston, eat seafood often and in volume. What other way to wind down after walking for hours than a cold beer and a plate of local catch. We went with the Massachusetts Wellfleet Oysters and had a mix feeling about them. Despite and nice meaty/creamy flavour, they were poorly shucked. The pleasure of eating an oyster is ruined when you have go in and work to remove the muscle completely from the shell and get a mouthful of shrapnel along with it.

在這次的行程裡,我們兩個都達到共識:要盡量有機會吃海鮮就吃,但是量不要過多。因為考慮到晚上還要再來吃大餐,所以我們兩個只點了些前菜分著吃,其中一道菜我們點了當地的Massachusetts Wellfleet Oysters,生蠔上桌看起來非常的新鮮,但很可惜的是,這些生蠔都沒有經過細心的處理,除了些小殘殼之外,另外就是我們還得用叉子把肉挑起來…,可是…照理說生蠔不是應該可以吸一口就下肚的嗎?

Our second appetizer was an American Kobe Style Beef Carpaccio with Garlic Parmesan Aioli.


The saving grace of meal was the New England Clam Chowder. A rich creamy broth with a hefty volume of clams is offered in a cup or a bowl. What wasn’t the saving grace?


There are really only two things worse than finding a hair in your food.

  1. Finding it at the end of the meal. This means that despite enjoying the meal, everything is ruined and forgotten.
  2. Having the staff not trying to redeem the situation with a correct response.


Both of these happened to us. After slamming the chowder, the oysters and most of the carpaccio look what we found!!


After initially informing the staff/manager about the friendly addition to our meal, they had a real opportunity to still win. Offer the meal for free. Apologize profusely and ask if there is anything else you can do to make the situation right. What kind of response did we get? They offered to remove the carpaccio from our bill and a free dessert. Weak. This was all after the waitress dumped the remaining Oyster juice on my shoe of course.



We understand the service industry and this may have been a single incident or simply a bad day. Either way, the response to this situation was what created the desire for us to write this blog. Click on one of the links below if you want to learn more about McCormick and Schmicks.

說實在的,也不是說要當了奧少年還想當奧客,我們當然也了解說有時候真的只是意外,但McCormick and Schmicks的處理讓我們覺得應該要寫篇文章來警惕一下,而且我們總不能已經有不好的經驗,卻還睜眼說瞎話告訴大家這家餐廳好讚,大家一定要來吃。當然,我們也取消了晚餐的訂位,而改到Atlantic Fish Co。

(延伸閱讀我們在Atlantic Fish Co的經驗:Seafood Hangover at the Atlantic Fish Company – 新鮮海鮮吃到宿醉!

Their motto is “McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants: Committed to serving the freshest seafood daily”. Food is definitely a part of a restaurant experience, but service counts too.

雖說McCormick & Schmicks的理念就是:每日提供最新鮮的海鮮。但我們覺得現在對餐飲業而言,除了食物新鮮之外,服務和態度也是很重要的!




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