Wife Goes Shopping – Husband Slams a Cupcake 老婆逛街,老公偷偷去買甜點!

If we were to add a third title to our name – Shallots & Chalets – it may very well be Cupcakes. It’s the guilt-free version of eating cake, as an individual can (with a clear conscience) easily say – “I’ll have just one”. Listen if you are feeling guilty biting into a cupcake then you aren’t really living. If you’ve never tried a Georgetown Cupcake – you’re most likely already dead.

如果說Shallots and Chalets可以加上第三個名字,那應該就是Cupcakes了!(我們兩個都非常的嗜甜)每每經過cupcake店總是很努力的三過而不入,有時候失敗了,或是「不小心」踏進店裡,只好一直催眠自己 – 只要吃一個就好了,一個沒什麼,不用有罪惡感啦!(催眠中)不過,人嘛!不就是要活在當下嗎?(誤)不要在為了吃cupcake感到罪惡了,打開心胸享受美食吧(笑)。而且重點是,如果還沒吃過Georgetown Cupcake,你可能不知道什麼叫做cupcake天堂!(無誤)

Located at 83 Newbury Street (in between Clarendon and Berkley Streets) in Boston, this gem delivers a delicious mouthful by the cup. It is on the north side of the road and should be a regular pit-stop for those who are venturing further east into Boston Public Gardens for a stroll. Keep your sugar levels up and all that!

位於83 Newbury Street的Georgetown Cupcake可是非常有名的呢!店家就在Marc by Marc Jacobs旁邊(這你就可以知道為什麼Mikey會找到這家店了XD)。另外,這可是TLC節目DC Cupcake的店家之一。他們的杯子蛋糕應該是我們吃過最好吃的了!

With a selection of cupcakes that is a perfect amount – not overwhelming, but enough to make you pause and think, ‘So many to choose from’. They also serve up a fine cup of Illy Coffee, which is a match made in heaven with there mainstay products.

他們有許多不同口味的選擇,但口味又不會多到讓人眼花撩亂,讓你不知道該選哪個好,他們也有提供Illy的咖啡,邊吃杯子蛋糕邊喝咖啡 – 簡直就是完美的組合!

Above you can see my (Mikey) selection – A Chocolate & Vanilla. This is not to be confused with the Vanilla & Chocolate, which essentially is the reversed cupcake. Yes this made me confused for a split second too! I left my lonely cupcake for a moment and tried to sneak a few snaps in here and there.


The design of the store is really minimalist. There are selling cupcakes and lube (in the form of coffee). They know their core business and stick to it. Clean, crisp and efficient.


I for one was happy when Micky took a stroll into Marc by Marc Jacobs. I said, “I’ll be outside taking snaps”, which led me to Georgetown Cupcakes. Next up on the list for me when I cross paths with another store – Red Velvet.

不過你知道為什麼這整篇文章裡米奇都沒有出現嗎?其實米奇在隔壁的Marc by Marc Jacobs買東西啦XD 在要進去逛街之前,Mikey還對我說:我會在外面拍拍照。結果不曉得拍著拍著就跑進甜點店了!(無誤)

Mikey竟然還偷偷訂好了下次目標:Red Velvet! (果然很愛吃XD)

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